About the blog

Partners Adapt is a blog at the intersections of WATER, STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT, REGIONAL PARTNERSHIPS, and TRANSBOUNDARY COLLABORATION.  I’ll be discussing these themes through current examples of how  people are securing water resources and adapting to a changing world through collaborative processes, both in the U.S. and around the world. Feel free to consider this a place for open discourse, and thanks for stopping by!

About the blogger

Nerding out In front of the mighty (and transboundary) Columbia River,Crown Point, Oregon

Nerding out In front of the mighty (and transboundary) Columbia River,
Crown Point, Oregon

Partners Adapt is my first blog project. In June 2013,  I graduated with a M.S in Water Resources Policy & Management and a Certificate in Water Conflict Management and Transformation from Oregon State University, where I focused my graduate research on partnerships between small drinking water systems on the Oregon Coast. I was particularly interested in seeing whether regional governance could provide greater adaptive capacity as they struggle to continue delivering quality drinking water amidst the challenges of climate change, population growth, and changing regulatory landscapes. All evidence points to YES. If you’re curious, please check out my full thesis here.  (There’s a powerpoint there too if you want skip to the short version.)

Building off of my research, I’m interested in exploring other examples of success in collaborative water governance. This blog is intended as a vessel for that exploration.

— Lauren Dennis, M.S. Water Resources Policy & Management

(Cover photo: “Nicomekl River.” All rights reserved by Westcoast Weezie)

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